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Benefits of Music

Music is extremely beneficial to human beings! Find below some interesting facts:

Health – Music lower blood pressure, reduces the everyday stress and strengthen our body immunological response, making us more resistant to viruses. At more mature ages, music keeps our mind active and prevents mind-related deseases like Alzheimer and Dementia.

Makes you Smarter – Music playing enhances the development of your mind. The activity of learning and practicing music improves memory and verbal fluency, as well as processing skills and other cognitive functions.

Help us Build Confidence – Learning Music gives opportunities to put ourselves in potentially uncomfortable situations (like preforming in front of audience) and help us learn to overcome anxiety.

Music Teaches Patience and Discipline – Learning to play an instrument requires us to work consistently for a good amount of time. It demands commitment and perseverance.

Enhances Creativity – Playing Music allows us to see beyond what currently exists and express ourselves in a new way: through sounds, writing our own songs, improvising, re-performing existing songs, etc.

Help us Learn Team Work – When collaborating in ensembles, bands and jams, it’s important to always listen to our team-mates and communicate through facial ad body language.

Music is Fun – Learning to play Music can take some effort, but when we reach that level of being able to play the music we have always wanted to, it gives us a wonderful sense of achievement, then confidence to share and play our music for others, and finally it becomes utter enjoyment when we play along with others.


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