We can’t say exactly why music has so great influence on people, and why, since ancient times, people have used a wide range of materials and household items to produce sounds. But for sure, music was an integral part of happy and sad events, of religious rites and everyday life. Music is one of theContinue reading “UKRAINIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS”

Why is RCM Grade 5 Theory so important?

In the last few weeks I have repeatedly been asked about the Grade 5 theory exam, so much so that it has inspired me to write this post. I am talking about the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) theory exam. The Grade 5 theory exam is significant to pupils because, according to the RCM’s rules,Continue reading “Why is RCM Grade 5 Theory so important?”

RCM Exams: Your Complete Guide

WHAT IS AN RCM EXAM? RCM stands for Royal Conservatory of Music, which was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1886 and prides itself on being one of the largest and most respected music-education institutions in the world. RCM offers a variety of exams as part of its popular “Certificate Program”. These exams evaluate students’ proficiencyContinue reading “RCM Exams: Your Complete Guide”


This week we’re going to do things a little differently, and talk a bit about the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), a Canadian music school that offers standardized exams called “grades.” If you’ve ever heard anyone say something like “I have my grade 6 in music,” it likely means they’re talking about RCM and RCMContinue reading “ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC EXAMS: WHY TAKE THEM?”

Chinese Musical Instruments

Among the many traditional musical instruments of China, the most popular nowadays include the stringed instruments called the erhu, pipa, and guzheng, and the dizi flutes. These stringed instruments originated in foreign regions and were modified. When tourists think of their experiences in China, the poignant sounds of these Chinese instruments often colour their memories. Erhu 二胡Continue reading “Chinese Musical Instruments”

The importance of learning Music Theory

If you’re playing a musical instrument, you may have been advised to learn music theory –  the study of the grammar of music. Music theory examines the elements that construct a piece of music, including notation, key signatures, time signatures and chord progressions. Many teachers will insist that music theory is a fundamental tenet ofContinue reading “The importance of learning Music Theory”

Why Music makes you cry?

Ever find yourself moved to tears by music? Mascagni’s “Intermezzo” from Caballeria Rusticana does it for me. How about you? Many types of music can move people to tears; blubbering in the balcony is iconic in opera. The phenomenon of crying sparked by music is an interesting, but little-studied behaviour. According to some studies, whether musicContinue reading “Why Music makes you cry?”

Fun Facts about Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) is arguably one of the most well-known composers of all times. From his deafness and notoriously angry look to the movie dog who got his name from howling at the famous first four notes of the Fifth Symphony, Beethoven is still recognizable in today’s culture. His music and life are incrediblyContinue reading “Fun Facts about Beethoven”

Musical Instruments and their Families Series: The Percussion Family

For the last three blogs we have been talking about musical instruments families. This families of instruments are related because they are often made of the same types of materials, look similar to one another, and produce sound in comparable ways.  Today will be our last blog on this topic and will be dedicated toContinue reading “Musical Instruments and their Families Series: The Percussion Family”