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Welcome to Musichalice! We are highly qualified music teachers providing music lessons for our Brampton community.

This web page intends to provide you with information on our educational services. What is more, we will offer valuable advise to help you have a successful musical journey!

Instrumental Music Lessons

Private Instrumental lessons
Private Instrumental Lessons

Our Individual instrumental lessons serve our students’ goals. Therefore, we design a lesson plan based on the student’s personal needs. This strategy makes the progress relaxed and comfortable.

We offer Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Ukelele, Piano, Drums and Percussion lessons. The lessons can be performed in-person or online.

The Royal Conservatory of Music Certification Program it’s a comprehensive sequenced program of study and assessment. In addition to other methods, at our studio we offer RCM curriculum based lessons and exam preparation.

Theory – Music Lessons

Theory Music Lessons
Music Theory Lessons

We use Music Theory to explain, understand and communicate the musical language. Moreover, it involves concepts and terms like rhythm, melody and harmony. For this reason music theory provides the foundation we need to take our performing skills to a higher level. Whether you are looking to prepare for exams or refine your knowledge of music theory, we are here to help!

In addition to Music Theory, we offer Harmony, Music History and Counterpoint lessons. You can choose from having the sessions held in-person or online.

Collaborative Pianist

Piano Accompanist
Piano Accompanist

We consider instruments like Violin, Viola and Cello melodic instruments. This means that they require the support of a harmonic instrument like the Piano. We offer Piano Accompanist services for exam, recitals and public performances. Consequently, this helps us provide our students with a better musical experience.


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We are located at Sandalwood Parkway and Kennedy Road, Brampton, ON



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