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Why is RCM Grade 5 Theory so important?

In the last few weeks I have repeatedly been asked about the Grade 5 theory exam, so much so that…

2 years ago

The importance of learning Music Theory

If you’re playing a musical instrument, you may have been advised to learn music theory -  the study of the…

2 years ago

Music Notation: Some History Milestones and Evolution

Have you thought of what happens when we look at a score or sheet music? Some of us look at…

2 years ago

How you ever wonder what happens to you brain when you listen to music?

This video will explain it all shortly... Interesting!

2 years ago

Disney Amazing Soundtracks!

I love these Disney Cartoons! They might be old technology, but definitely excellent quality and the music it's my favourite…

2 years ago

The World Most Unusual Instruments!!

If you have come across some very rare musical instruments in the past, I assure you that is nothing compared…

2 years ago

Best Piano Jokes!!!

Here are some of the funniest piano jokes!   Let me know which one was your favourite one?

2 years ago

Interesting Facts about Mozart

#1 His birth was a consolation to his parents He was the 7th and last born child of Leopold Mozart…

2 years ago

Violin Experiment! Interesting story about one of the greatest violinist in the world!

On April 8, 2007 the Washington Post ran a long feature article by Gene Weingarten in the Sunday magazine called "Pearls…

3 years ago